Resting Up After The Big Game


As we breeze through another Super Bowl season and into the world of the Beijing Olympics, it’s easy to both regale and critique the world’s greatest athletes. But have you ever wondered how they reach their peak performances day in and day out? Diet, exercise, and training will get your body far, but what else does it take to meet the precision and control of a World Class Athlete? You have committed yourself to a regular exercise routine that is boosting your strength and speed. You’re already seeing results…your stamina has improved, and you can rapidly move through the movements with ease. And then? You give it a rest day, and you’re back at it going hard! Recovery is for wimps! You’ve got this! You jump back in steadily, earnestly seeking the results you’re after. And THEN? 


Your body is tired, your muscles ache, and the impending anxiety of not matching your goals pounds in your head. In today’s world, even if you are working at the top of your field, everyone has someone they are “competing” with. With a focus on competition and results, rest can be vastly difficult when you are always competing with others! Researchers have found that rest is an essential component to attaining peak performance in any sport. Athletes who engage in regular exercise and practice seem to require longer periods of recovery between workouts. The more intense the activity, the longer you need to rest to allow your body to recover. You might have heard that it takes 30 days for muscles to adapt from stress placed on them. The same is true for bones and ligaments, or anything for that matter that is stressed during physical activity. 

Post-Exercise or Anytime

Whether your goals are to achieve a slight physical change or a complete transformation, it’s important to know that after working hard in the gym, your body doesn’t function at peak capacity immediately. It works on repairing micro-tears in your muscle fibers. After exercising a specific muscle group, let it rest for one to two days. This gives your muscles a chance to repair and heal - on the other days, train different muscles. And after every workout, use CBD-PRO2GO to relax and repair to avoid burnout, and build back stronger. 

Our natural Nano-Emulsified CBD has zero psychoactive effects, with cannabinoids 1000x smaller than the average CBD particle to target physiological processes throughout the endocannabinoid system of the body (the human body is made up of hundreds of cannabinoid receptors!).  Implementing CBD-PRO2GO into your post-exercise routine can improve pain and inflammation as well as enable faster recovery time between workouts. So relax, recover, and repair – you’ve earned it, and pre-season is right around the corner.

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