CBDPRO2GO: Changing The Way We View Recovery

Whether seeking recovery after an intense game or workout, or looking to relax after a strenuous day at your on-the-move job, your body craves recovery and fast. CBD-PRO2GO is formulated by athletes specifically for Ultimate Recovery, combining the healing effects of Nano-Emulsified CBD the muscle building effects of Whey Protein Isolate all in one single-serve packet. CBD-PRO2GO is formulated to help you recover faster, and build back stronger.
The benefits of Nano-Emulsified CBD aren't restricted to one muscle, but are experienced by all muscle groups in the body. Aches and pains differ after doing pushups, running long distances, or climbing your favorite wall, but the effects of CBD are experienced by all muscles. CBD-PRO2GO was formulated by athletes with Ultimate Recovery in mind; helping build stronger muscles and soothe body aches and pains after every workout. 
Suffering from anxiety before a big game can have disastrous effects on an athlete, and mental recovery is of equal importance during regular fitness routines. With newfound properties every day including therapeutic benefits to relax the mind and take your anxiety down a notch, CBD is proving to aid in an overall more energetic, improved mental state.
And since CBD is a natural compound, it’s available for all age groups and its therapeutic benefits see no boundaries. CBD-PRO2GO was made with the recovery effects of cannabidiol in mind - 100% THC free. 
Third-party tested, CBD-PRO2GO is raising the bar for Recovery, and can easily be mixed with your favorite beverages, smoothies, and drinks to soothe sore muscles, boost recovery, and build back STRONGER. 
Available in Classic Vanilla and Rich Chocolate, CBD-PRO2GO is the Ultimate Recovery Drink for quick regeneration of muscles and aiding soreness, pain, and inflammation. Relax, Recover, and Rebuild on your terms.

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