CBD-PRO2GO is proud to announce our partnership with FightVibe – and they pack a heavy punch.

I hated every minute of training. But I said…. don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.
- Muhammad Ali

At CBD-PRO2GO we are invested in athlete’s recovery. Our goal is to see you perform at your best, and that fight doesn’t quit in the gym. But we see things a little differently, we don’t believe you need to suffer. We are proud to announce that we have officially partnered with FightVibe to provide a platform for fighters and fans to move past closed off promotional companies, money-hungry managers and constant political agendas - and provide a shift toward a world in which Recovery is key, and the voices of athletes and fans are heard.

CBD-PRO2GO is the first and only CBD product line specifically formulated for athletes to recover after a workout - and together with FightVibe, we pack a heavy punch. Using the latest innovations in nanotechnology, we are putting recovery straight into athlete's hands, lowering recovery and rest periods, and strengthening muscles between exhausting physical activity. Recovery is essential to every fitness routine, especially in the rigorous and awe-inspiring world of combat sports,where the blood, sweat and tears are… tasted by those athletes who practice their art.” 

As a premiere combat sports platform, 
FightVibe is changing the way that fighters tell their stories. By combining MMA & Boxing, FightVibe is creating a platform that sets aside the differences between managers, promoters, and fighters - providing fight fans around the globe with real time access to thrilling live events, exclusive original series, and all-access behind the scenes action, with a focus on fighting with integrity and fair treatment through showcasing MMA & Boxing. 

The first CBD product line specifically formulated for athletes to provide ULTIMATE RECOVERY effectsCBD-PRO2GO is leading the charge to become athlete’s most trusted choice for post-workout recovery. With natural cannabis-infused recovery products are on the rise, CBD-PRO2GO is the Ultimate CBD + Protein Formula specifically formulated for athletes. Alongside FightVibe, the world’s preeminent combat sports entertainment platform, CBD-PRO2GO hopes to reach the athletes who crave recovery to meet physical and mental demands. 

Together, CBD-PRO2GO & FightVibe are empowering fans around the world with exclusive content like never before - changing the way that they are perceived in their respective fields and elevating urges to try new things and pursue their fitness passions, without sacrificing what keeps us going.

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